redesign | UX: Why the American Express mobile app is one of the best in fintech


I love the American Express mobile app for one big reason: it turns boring credit card data into visual, actionable information.
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Whereas many apps just show you your transactions in a manner not much different from your monthly statement, AmEx lets you analyze transactions.IMG_0006

You can see some of the tools above. And it’s not just pretty charts.

Yes, there is a pie chart of your spend. But you can also drill down into a piece of the pie. In the example above, I’ve selected my travel category. The list at right shows only my travel transactions for that month.

When I click on the Delta transaction, I get enhanced data, including the ticket number and origin/destination. For the St. Regis Deer Valley, I can see my check in and check out dates.

That level of analytical tools make me want to put all of my transactions on AmEx.

That’s a powerful app.

Opportunity for improvement

The concept of “statements” and “months” is outdated. I should be able to access similar tools for the year, my life (I’ve been a cardmember since 1993) or any arbitrary date range.

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