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Easy passwords

There are a couple of things that I really like about this site.

The first is the use of easy, human readable passwords. Where some companies use complex order numbers, sometimes 20 or more random alphanumeric characters, this site uses words that will stick in your head. What would you rather say to a customer service agent: miffed-wispy-crab or JKS421DA9oC?

Despite common security misperceptions, these types of identifiers aren’t less secure. (Assuming the site has done the bare minimum to avoid brute force attacks.) See this great xkcd comic on password strength

If I were to nitpick this UX, I would change order number to order ID. (It’s not a number, is it?)

The other thing I love is the “Oh God, what did I just do?” button. That’s exactly the kind of thought someone might have after placing an incorrect order. Bonus points for actually making an obvious button to change an order, something many sites hide for fear of making it too easy to cancel an order.

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