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redesign | ux: Lists should be presented in an easy-to-understand order

How could this experience be improved?


Notifications screen in iOS.

This is so bizarre that I can’t believe Apple missed it. The notification settings screen is in no discernbile order.

If you want to turn off or change notifications, you have to scroll through the list until you find what you’re looking for.

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redesign | ux: Localization should be personalized

How could this Uber experience be improved?

Uber dialog

The text in the dialog here is in Spanish. It’s of no use to me, who speaks only English. Uber knows my language preference because I use it primarily in the United States to get cars in the United Statest.

It’s extra frustrating because the prominence implies that it is imporant.

Messages like this should (ideally) be translated into the language of the user.

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redesign | retail: Target’s new in-store tablets miss the bullseye

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Target has a history of trying to keep their stores fresh, with user experiences and industrial design that is cohesive and friendly. They don’t always succeed, but the latest changes have been interesting, as Target upgrades their in-store price check experience. It’s important to focus on delivering the features people need, and not more.

One area where Target is trying to improve the user experience is the price check scanners that are placed around the stores, usually at the end of aisles, next to a red phone.

Target is no stranger to technology. They use iPod touch in custom cases with barcode scanners built in to manage inventory and print tags for the shelf with a wirelessly paired printer.

iPod touch with scanner

iPod touch with scanner

Wireless label printer

Wireless label printer

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redesign | UX: Why the American Express mobile app is one of the best in fintech


I love the American Express mobile app for one big reason: it turns boring credit card data into visual, actionable information.
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Whereas many apps just show you your transactions in a manner not much different from your monthly statement, AmEx lets you analyze transactions.IMG_0006

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redesign | UX: A human-centric approach to design is what makes this page great

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Easy passwords

There are a couple of things that I really like about this site.

The first is the use of easy, human readable passwords. Where some companies use complex order numbers, sometimes 20 or more random alphanumeric characters, this site uses words that will stick in your head. What would you rather say to a customer service agent: miffed-wispy-crab or JKS421DA9oC?

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