redesign | travel: How would you improve this St. Regis hotel bath collection?

The big issue here is that all three bottles look alike. There is shampoo, conditioner and body wash. But it’s not easy to tell which is which without picking up the small, likely wet bottles.

That’s bad enough for the typical person. But for people like me, who are blind as a bat, it is a serious issue. Without my glasses or contacts — the standard when I’m taking a shower — I couldn’t read the text until the bottle was within 5″ of my eyes.

Unfortunately, this is the status quo at hotels. They all have tiny bottles that are impossible to read. Some hotels have their amenities in clear plastic bottles, which makes it easier to distinguish the blue shampoo from the white conditioner. But you still have to figure out which is which.

My ideal solution has two parts:

  • Large letters on each bottle. S = Shampoo, B = Body wash, C= Conditioner.
  • Different shaped bottles. For example, circle for shampoo, square for conditioner, triangle for the body wash.

Changing the labels is relatively easy. Changing the shape of the bottles is more complicated.

Because chains use standardized toiletries, learning one would help you at multiple hotels. (On the flip side, it makes the roll out process longer.)

This isn’t just a usability issue; it could be an issue under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This quiz was so easy that a lot of people got the correct answer:

Which is why it’s odd that hoteliers don’t seem to see the problem.

But at least St. Regis hotels have a sense of humor. They responded to my question: