redesign | ux: Localization should be personalized

How could this Uber experience be improved?

Uber dialog

The text in the dialog here is in Spanish. It’s of no use to me, who speaks only English. Uber knows my language preference because I use it primarily in the United States to get cars in the United Statest.

It’s extra frustrating because the prominence implies that it is imporant.

Messages like this should (ideally) be translated into the language of the user.

I say “ideally” because it is impractical to translate messages into all languages served by an application. It would be impractical (and not likely useful) to translate this into Greek. But translating it into English (a more universal language) makes sense. In this case it would alo be helpful to translate into Portugese, because Chile gets a fair amount of Brazilian travelers.

This is not an uncommon experience with apps and sites that are localized. For a long time, Google would customize site navigation based on your location. Even if you were signed into your account. When I went to Turkey, I would see navigation controls in Turkish. (This has since been fixed.)

IP-based geolocation makes sense. But if you have data on a user, make sure to figure that into your design.