redesign | tech: My top 10 evaluation criteria for a smart watch

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I’ve been testing both Pebble Steel and Motorola’s Moto 360 for the past few days. That’s got me thinking about what’s important to me in a smart watch. My top 10 evaluation criteria for a smart watch are:

  1. Compatibility with iOS, as my primary phone is the iPhone 6.
  2. Battery life.
  3. Notifications of important events. I find the most valuable part of a smart watch is the ability to discreetly check email and phone calls. I was in a meeting with a Pebble VC last month and neither of us noticed that we had been checking our watches.
  4. Price.
  5. Style.
  6. Ease of use.
  7. Fitness features such as step counting and heart rate.
  8. Lack of annoyance to others.
  9. Ability to change style quickly (i.e., from fancy occasions to casual outings).
  10. Tells the time.

I haven’t worn a watch regularly since 1998, but I’m willing to start for the right smart watch.

What am I missing? What is important to you in a smart watch?

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