redesignAnswer: The Square/PayPal charge was to cash out balance on PayPal debit card

The purpose of the transaction on Friday was to use up the remaining value of a PayPal debit card that I had purchased for test purposes. The PayPal debit card is a poor value compared with products like Walgreens Balance Financial and American Express’s Bluebird. T-Mobile customers also have a better value with T-Mobile’s prepaid card.

PayPal charges a monthly fee of $5. Rather than paying another fee, I decided to use up the remaining balance by charging myself with Square.

The total transaction amount was $3.75. Square did not make a profit on the transaction. (Come on, you know me! Did you really think I’d let Square make a profit?)

A number of people commented that I made a mistake by leaving my debit card number in plain view. I don’t make such mistakes. My credit card numbers in social media are like sideboob on TV: you think you’re seeing something, but you’re not. If you see a credit or debit card number, it’s a clue. (In this case, a clue that there was no money on the card.)