Our recruiting process at reDesign mobile

I’ve received a lot of interest today from people looking to work at reDesign mobile. I’ve been overjoyed at the enthusiasm displayed for our little company.

Our recruiting process is very different from anything you’re likely to have encountered. It requires a fair amount of commitment on the part of both recruits and our team. Potential team members are invited to participate in a week-long process in San Francisco. Generally, people are invited if they successfully complete a challenge that I run on Twitter or social media.

We are in the midst of our first recruiting event now, so it’s too late for at least a few months. I would consider making exceptions for exceptionally talented people. The best way to get consideration is to get introduced by someone I trust.

I don’t believe in resumes, cover letters or traditional interviews. Please don’t send them.

If you’re interested in the experience of our recruits, check out the Instagram accounts of Sara, Sam, Chuck and Victor. I’m a bit behind on my own account, but you can also check out rakeshlobster.