redesignQuiz – What is the paper clip for?

Difficulty level: Easy.

What do I use the paper clip for?Why is the paper clip here?

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  1. Keyboard cleaning and pushing reset buttons. (Hi, Rocky!) :)

    • did you mean to leave your amex there? I can easily make out several of the numbers, and could possibly make a good guess at the missing ones.

  2. Go Team Rocky!!!

  3. Richard Bowles · July 2

    Ejecting sim cards? / cleaning your nails.

  4. pbreit · July 2

    Switching SIM cards.

  5. Adam Lawson · July 2

    I’m going to go with swapping SIM cards, especially since I see Apple devices. They’ve been opened this way for a long time.

    Best of luck to you on your future endeavors! I will be following up on your growth.

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